Just keep trucking along…

Late start today. Had to wake up at 6 to make Dave his lunch and coffee and then when he left I went back to sleep. Woke up around 10:30 ish, had some brunch, and now it’s almost one. I really need to sleep earlier than I did yesterday. I don’t think I fell asleep until 1 or 2 last night and then I kept waking up for random reason. Woke up again at 4:30 something in the morning. AGAIN. WHHHY. Would really like to know why that is. Let’s see if I wake up again tomorrow at that strange time and if I do…well, maybe I should just get the fuck up or something.
Soma and Maize were both on sale on Steam, so guess what I’m going to be playing this weekend. Assuming I can both finish SUMMER LOVER and get my chair back from Gizmo who has commandeered my new chair cushion as well as the chair.
I only got 3k yesterday, so I’m hoping to get another 5k today, but it’s already pretty late and I think it has been evidenced that I write better in the morning…or maybe that’s just because I’m pretty low-energy in the afternoon. Strangely enough, I’m pretty low energy right now, so I just made some coffee and I’m hoping it can keep me awake until 4 or so, when I get my second or third wind.
To be honest, I’m not sure how well my words are going to work out today. I’ve got that big sex scene coming up and that’s going to be weird…considering that I haven’t written a sex scene in third person in quite some time. Actually, I haven’t written a sex scene, a good one, it quite some time and having Markiplier playing Resident Evil on the TV as background noise definitely doesn’t help. Maybe I should play some music or something.
Argh, I’m not ready to start writing. On the other hand, I’m never really ready to start writing.
Okay, I’m already a couple minutes late, mostly because I know it’s going to be hard to write this upcoming scene…
Hah, and I think I’m going to be a bestselling erotica author…HAHAHAHA
I hope to check back in at  3 to say that I’ve got 2.4k to my name.
Whelp, here goes nothing. See you in two hours.
Okay, got 2.5k to my name. Going to take an hour break and then do another hour from 4-5, then go out early and maybe grab some lunch at Ajisen or something.