Just keep writing Pt. 2

Yesterday, only got 3k. To be honest, I’m grateful I got that much, but I’ve really got to step up my game for the next few days if I want to get this finished and submitted in time for the summer charity antho.
That being said, I had an extremely late start today. When I saw Dave off to work, I went back to sleep and didn’t really start to function until after noon. I ordered some food, then I packed up my laptop with the purpose of working outside, but after I bought the snacks for Dave’s class trip, I decided that I didn’t want to be outside the house where I cannot control my environment. So, I just bought some cakes for 60 rmb (it would’ve cost me 60 just for a coffee and a cake from SB; so I decided to buy 4 from the café across the way) and came home. Had some coffee with a piece of cake, have Markiplier playing on the TV in front of me, and got lots of kitty lovings. Honestly, I love petting my cats. It makes me so happy and content.
Dave isn’t going to come home until 7or so and he’ll be gone from tomorrow morning to maybe Saturday night or even Sunday, so I’m going to take advantage of him leaving to get writing finished outside of my usual writing hours.
I really hope I can finish this story by Sunday.
Once I finish it and get it out for edits, I think I’m going to start working on a bunch of other different projects, but seeing as how they’re not on a deadline, I’ll be working on all of them a little by little. Still wanting to work on a series of erotica featuring Tokyo housewives, but geez, it’s hard to write sex and have it not come out stale and dry after the first few times. I really don’t know how successful erotica writers write book after book after book and not have the same scenes recycled over and over again.
Okay, after this entry, I’m going to get started writing. I’ll probably write from 6-7, 8-9, 9:30-10:30 and then after that…who knows. But tomorrow will be filled with lots of writing…I hope. And then this weekend will be much of the same, assuming Dave doesn’t come home until Sunday.
Right, that’s all from me. Even if I get 3k today, I’ll consider that a job well done, but secretly hoping for 5-6k 🙂