My life is boring. But good.

Starting to think I need to buy another cushion, since the one I bought seems to have been claimed by the cats. Sigh. I get the feeling that no matter how many cushions I buy, they will simply requisition them until I am left with sitting on newspapers.
Reorganized my writing space, which always makes me feel good and planted my herbs. Today, I’m going to plant the perilla/shiso and see if I get anything this year. I’ve already told David that I probably won’t go to Chicago this year. Got way too much to do. I can’t play if I don’t work and so far, I haven’t really worked.
Yesterday, no extra words, but I blame my really shitty sleep schedule then. Today, though, I only woke up at 5:30AM, so maybe I got around 5-6 hours of sleep, woohoo. That’s not too bad. I might take a power nap around 2 or 3, depending on how much work I get done.
I’m trying to get SUMMER LOVER finished by this weekend, but I’m apparently not trying too hard if I’m skipping days without any words. Today, I’d love to get another 6k again…I guess I should just get to it instead of procrastinating by posting here. I need to go to miniso tonight and pick up some more wall hooks to correspond with my new writing space. I have another class today and we’re going to do the rpg thing again, which I thought worked out really, really well. I decided to bring the candy back home and I’ll just be taking a bit every class because I have the sneaking suspicion someone keeps sneaking candy from my stash. Which normally I wouldn’t mind, but most people aren’t considerate enough to refill it when they can.
Okay, got to get the rice started, brb…
Okay, cleaned up the kitchen a bit, have kimchi stew bubbling on the stove and the rice is going to be done soon, so after I eat, I’m going to get to my writing. Also finished the rest of the gardening, so that’s good. The next major task will be the laundry, so I’ll probably hang that up outside, since it’s so bright out and hopefully it’ll be done by tonight.
And yes, my life really is this boring 😀