I now have EIGHT keyboards.

Woke up a few minutes before 5…and decided that I’d just stay up because I didn’t want to risk waking up later feeling groggy and heavy. I still have a hint of the headache I had last night that I suspect might be from eyestrain. Drinking some lime with hot water, mostly to hydrate me and so I can drink coffee later without my stomach doing somersaults and twisting inside out.
Red sent me a link about deep POV so that’ll be something to check out during my breaks. I also got some books on Kindle:
  1. Deep Point of View by Marcy Kennedy
  2. Writing Deep Point of View by Rayne Hall
  3. Deep Point of View (Worksheet) by Camy Tang
I need to check out the Camy Tang book because it says it’s a worksheet…? Wonder how that works. I tried to see if there was a companion book on Amazon, but it was just the worksheet…maybe I should just open the book and see what it’s all about.
Got a new keyboard (think I’m working on #6 now) off Taobao and it supposed arrived in HZ yesterday morning, which means that I would’ve gotten it delivered by yesterday afternoon, but that was not the case. Obsessively checking Taobao to see if there’s an update and maybe it got held up at the Fuyang post office, like my box of coconut water. Now, that’s a confusing situation if I ever saw one. (Seriously, you deliver to my apartment building, but then you change your mind, take it back to the post office, and THEN bring it back at 7PM? Wtf, China?)
I haven’t written any substantial words in a few days, so I’m raring to go. I need to check out the POV books for some input before I start. Maybe I can glean something useful in the next half hour.
Speaking of which, I’m supposed to get the Thinkpad today, so I guess it came just in time. Crossing my fingers in hopes it won’t get held up at the post office like the keyboard. Assuming the keyboard is still at the post office and didn’t get snatched…
So, today’s looking like a pretty busy day.
Writing from 7-9, breakfast from 9-10 (will do the microwaved “fried” eggs, again, maybe put plastic wrap over it to keep it from exploding all over the microwave), editing from 10-12, lunch and a power nap, and then writing again from 2-4. Dunno what I’m going to have for dinner. I’ve kind of reached the point where I don’t really live for food anymore, it’s just something that’s kind of annoyingly in the way. I might just make some rice and then heat up some packaged curry and eat that with benishoga. Dinner, we might go out and get BBQ.
Okay, got my coffee and I’m ready to dig into the writing for the day. This’ll be weird. I’m hitting the “rough patch” of SUMMER LOVER, but it just means I’m going up the hill and it’s going to be a battle. I hope I can close the day out with 4.8k…but we shall see!
The time right now is 11:14 and I’ve got around 2.4k to my name. But I also did some editing, and even if I don’t get any more writing done, I think I’ll be okay with that. Did some promo work, did some art, had a small dinner date with husband…I think everything is okay today. Tomorrow, hopefully, it will be sunny so I can hang the laundry outside.
Got my new keyboard and I like it a lot! It’s definitely quiet, but I also got the new Thinkpad too, so now I have no excuse NOT to do some form of work no matter where I am or what I’m doing.