The keyboard to end all keyboards. I can only hope.

Gooood morning. God, I really do love this new Logitech bluetooth keyboard. The keys are round, which I think looks kinda cool and I use it with a silicon keyboard cover, so it just FEELS good and it’s pretty quiet, so I don’t disturb my sleeping husband when I’m tip-tapping on the keys in the wee hours of the morning. I ended up waking up around 5:15ish, so no more 4 AM mornings! (watch me wake up at 4:15 tomorrow morning, LOOOL)

Yesterday, for it being a Sunday and all, was a pretty productive day. Got 3k down for SUMMER LOVER and also worked on edits for THD #2, A ONE NIGHT AFFAIR. So, all in all, not a bad waste of a Sunday.

Got my Facebooking and emailing out of the way. Kind of. Still got a ton of emails to reply to…hopefully I will get to them at some point before I die. *fingers crossed*

Today, I’ve got a class at 6:30 and then I have to help out a friend administer ear drops to her newly adopted kitty because her husband is away and administering any kind of treatment to cats is a two-person job. I’m going to chalk up the walk to her place and back as my exercise walk of the day, so hey, killing two birds with one stone, yeah?

Today, my writing schedule looks something like this, I hope:

7-8 – Writing
8-9 – Writing
9-10 – Breakfast Break
10-11 – Edits
11-12 – Edits
12-1 – Lunch Break
1-3 – Take care of other stuff (power nap, laundry, etc etc)
3-4 – Write
4-5 – Write
5-6 Dinner!

And then the rest of the day is whatever. I won’t get home from my class until around 9 or so, if I figure in that “walk” I’m supposed to go on, so from 9 to 10…I’ll probably do some craft reading.

I’ve been reading Marcy Kennedy’s DEEP POINT OF VIEW, but there’s so much information packed in those pages that I feel like I need to read it many more times in order to fully absorb the information she’s presenting. Instinctively, I know what 3rd person deep POV is because I’ve been lucky to read great books by very talented authors, but I thought it would be a good idea for me to get even more indepth and ACTUALLY learn how to better myself as a writer, and not just write whatever comes to mind. I’m always very keen on improving myself, body and mind…although lately, it’s been more mind than body. (stares at unopened yoga mat that’s been sitting in the corner, gathering dust, for the past month)

Also, very excited about taking a power nap again. I never thought I could feel so energized from a 30-40 minute nap in my computer chair, but it works! My computer chair has a foot rest and reclines almost to 140 degrees (I think? I’m terrible with geometry. Crap. It IS geometry with all the angles, right?), as well as a headrest and back support, so sleeping in it is a pleasure. Hah, pretty sure not a lot of people can say that about their office chairs.

Got a new picture idea from a stock artist I patron on Patreon, so that’s another project I want to work on this week. Another busy week, another normal week, please don’t let me get sick or have something else that comes up.

SUMMER LOVER is due next Sunday. Oh God, I’m sooooo SCREWED. (because I still haven’t finished the first draft..and I still have to edit it, ROFL because I can’t cry)