Needs more sugar.

Late start today, seeing as how I fell asleep late and had a bad night of sleeping on top of that. Oh well. No classes today, so I’m not on a schedule, so sleeping in isn’t the worst thing in the world. As long as I start writing around noonish, I should be okay.

The herbs are starting to grow, woo. As in, I’m seeing green stuff sprouting. Dunno if it’s the seeds or weeds, but whatever the case, it’s still good to see something happen.

For breakfast, I made an oatmeal shake with banana/unsweetened cocoa powder/peanut butter with a dash of cinnamon and vanilla extract. The second I tried it, I thought ‘Hmm, needs more sugar’ so I guess it’s perfect the way it is. I’m trying to lessen the sugar in my diet, but it’s not very easy. Oh well. I saw a meme somewhere that said if diets were easy, it wouldn’t have the words DIE in it.

Boy, do I feel witty today.

Yesterday, I played a bit of Dragon Age: Origins…which is okay. The story so far is more interesting than Dragon Age: Inquisition, although I’m not too keen on Alistair being the only male to romance. Still, Bioware’s character design beats Bethesda to the floor. I swear to God, the Fallout 4 character designs don’t look any different from Fallout 3…even though there’s 7 years between each game. You’d think they’d make SOME improvements, but nope, the character designs still look as dopey as always. I know, I know, appearances shouldn’t matter if the gameplay and story is good, but is it a sin to want a game to look pretty as well?

Yesterday was pretty productive as far as writing goes. I wrote 3.8k of SUMMER LOVER, as well as edited THD #2 A ONE NIGHT AFFAIR for a few hours. And I drew. And did two loads of laundry. And taught. And even took a nice power nap. AND helped a friend deal with an ailing cat. Yay for productivity.

Then again, I DID start at the break of dawn yesterday. Today, it looks like I’m starting at noon, which…does put me back at least 4-5 hours.

Ah well, better late than never.

Although, to be honest, better early than not, right?

PS: I’ve now started writing SUMMER LOVER out of order. Whenever I get close to the last half of a book, I tend to write out of order, jumping from chapter to chapter. In this case, I wrote Chapter 15 yesterday and I’m hoping to finish Chapter 16 today. Chapter 12, 13 and 14 still remain to be written, as well as 17, 18, and then the epilogue.

Hm…seeing at how many chapters I still have left to go, I still feel like I’m not that close to THE END, after all, even though I have 43k to my word count. This book was originally supposed to be 45k, and then I kept on having to move back the goalpost. Right now, it’s set at 55k, but seeing as how each chapter is roughly about 3k, it seems like I’m going to have to move the goalpost YET again to maybe 60 to 65k. SUMMER LOVER was originally meant to be a 35k novella, but clearly Saku and Jun had a lot more story to tell. Ah well 🙂 Even though their story is longer than I thought, it’s fun to discover them.