Writing Empty Words

Starting today, I’m going to start focusing on how many scenes I get written, not how many words I write. I’ve known this for a while, but I tend to just overwrite just so I get my wordcount quota, but in actuality, I haven’t advanced the plot at all. It’s just a waste of time. I’d rather underwrite than overwrite. Erasing is harder for me. I can always go back and write more in the subsequent drafts, but separating the chaff from the wheat isn’t easy, not for me. So yep. We’ll see if this helps me write more productively. Each chapter is anywhere from 2.5k to 5k, depending on the kind of story I’m writing, but usually falls somewhere in between 3k, so that would mean that at minimum, I’m writing 3k a day. Not bad, as long as I can keep that momentum going.

I read three books yesterday, although technically one of them was more of a novella than anything else. I think I’m going to start doing that; dedicating the sleeping hours for even half an hour of reading. During the day, I’ll read some self-help/craft books, but during the night, I’ll make a point of reading fiction.

The books I read were was Chuck Wendig’s “Double Dead” and “Bad Blood.” I forgot how much I liked him as an author. His words are very visceral and there were points in the books when I had to physically put the book down, make a face and then jump right back in. Talk about glutton for punishment.

The third book I read, technically finished, was Honoree Conder’s “Prosperity for Writers”, and it was…disappointing, to say the least. It seemed like the message of the book was “Think positive and your life will be better!” which…is not the most useful thing to tell an author who has no idea how to increase her profits. Yeah, yeah, I know, the most obvious way to making more money is to write more books, but I was hoping for a bit more advice as far as marketing and social media goes. Booo. Oh well. I did come away with a list of books that might more fit my needs, so it wasn’t a total loss.

As far as writing goes! I’m two chapters away from completing the 1st draft of SUMMER LOVER. Got the cover designed and everything.

I’m hoping I can finish this by tomorrow so I can run it through several runs of editing before I turn it into the box set coordinator.