Fall is here!

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It’s a few days before October and fall is definitely here. I just wish it felt like it, here in Hangzhou, China. Unfortunately, we just had an incredibly humid, 90 degree F day a few days ago. I swear, I didn’t have to drink anything that day; I just had to go outside and take a deep breath. But not too deep of a breath; the pollution is quite terrible this time of year.

It’s raining now, have been since this morning (I’m writing this at 5PM) so it feels a little more like fall, so I’m grateful for that.

Things have been super busy on the writing front. Unfortunately, as an indie author, there’s more I have to do when it comes to publishing as opposed to a traditionally published author. In fact, for the past few days, I haven’t really been able to do anything remotely resembling writing. I’ve been signing up for promos, updating ebook files on multiple platforms, updating this site, learning more about the mechanics of self-publishing (branding, promotion how-tos, newsletter stuff), etc etc. Phew. I feel stretched thin at the edges, but strangely enough, I’m okay with it. I like feeling productive. It’s a good feeling, considering that for the past few years here in China, I’ve kind of let myself and my writing career slide.

2017 is turning out to be a good year, though. By the end of this year, I’ll have 6 new books to add to my bibliography and at the beginning of next year, I’ll be starting a new pen name, with a focus on historical/fantasy romance, which is something I’ve always wanted to write.

I also released my first NL a few days ago! It was an utterly nervewracking experience, but exhilarating at the same time. I wish it didn’t take me so long to bite the bullet and send it out, but I’m just glad I finally did it. I’ve got another NL going out tomorrow and beginning next week, I’ll be starting a monthly giveaway that will be posted in the NL as well as on this site.

So yeah, lots going on, HAH. “Lots” seems like a gross understatement to me.

As far as releases go, I’ve got 3 new releases coming up in the next few months! DARK MOON RISING, coming out on Halloween, ONLY HIS coming out November 6th and EVOLUTION coming out November 30th.

I was thinking about taking a bit of a break in December, but maybe I won’t. After all, I still have to finish BLOOD MARTYR, which I think has one more book left in the series or THE IMMORTALS, which definitely has one more book left. Once I finish those, I will be starting a new UF series called THE FIREMAKER. The first book is called RAZING HELL and it’s about an excommunicated and disgraced pyrokinetic who gets dragged back into the never-ending battle between Heaven and Hell when someone or something starts to target her friends and family members.

Sigh. The life of a writer. Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way 😀